Bird of Prey Mews / Aviary

Pent Roof bird of prey Aviary 10ft length x 4ft width
Approx. height 6’4” highest
6’8” lowest point
Uses 2″ x 2″ framework & 12mm tongue & groove

In falconry, a mews is a birdhouse designed to house one or more birds of prey.

In falconry there are two types of mews: the freeloft mews and traditional mews. Traditional mews usually consist of partitioned spaces designed to keep tethered birds separated with perches for each bird in the partitioned space. Many birds can be safely and comfortably housed in this setup. Traditional mews must be accompanied by a weathering yard to allow captive raptors adequate time outside as most traditional mews do not permit tethered raptors to spend time outdoors.

Freeloft mews allow captive raptors more freedom of motion, but require much more space, as usually only one raptor may safely occupy the much larger chambers. Mews chambers can be as small as 36 square feet (3.3 m2) but are frequently much larger, often occupying as much space as a small house and sometimes reaching as high as three storeys. Birds are allowed to fly free within the chamber, and very often can choose between a number of perches.

Double aviary Birds of Prey Double Aviary

Green mineral felt roof
Roof height: 7″ at highest point,
6′ at lowest point.
Has 2 flight areas for breed separation.
Uses 1″ x 1″ 16 gauge mesh
19 x 6 £1190 7′ 6′ (2 of)
Bird of prey enclosure Bird of Prey Aviary

Green mineral felt roof
Roof height: 6′ 4″ at highest point,
5′ 4″ at lowest point.
Uses 1″ x 1″ 16 gauge mesh
6 x 4 £320
6 x 6 £380
6 x 8 £440


Below is a few examples of our custom Aviary builds