Chihuahua / Cat Kennels

A dog kennel run can be a nice alternative if you can’t afford to fence the yard or just don’t have the room. Most dog owners want to provide their dog with as much freedom as possible while keeping them safe at the same time.

If complete fencing is not an option to give your dog the complete run of the yard, we encourage dog owners to provide an attached run for temporary enjoyment outside and for those “toilet” moments.

It is important to first find a nice flat area and choose a dog kennel run with lots of room. Being able to move around and exercise a little is important.

ShedsIn can also create bespoke/custom built animal housing. Please contact us regarding your requirements.

*These items are subject to a delivery charge if within the 40 mile delivery radius. Outside this area upon negotiation.

Chihuahua & Cat Kennel

Optional Extras :
Dog tunnel (not pictured)

Size Height Cost
1' 4" x 1' 6"
1' 6"

Multi-Cat kennels

All cat kennels are built to order.

Size Cost
Custom built to order